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Foot Massage


Breathe in exotic scents. Savor the silence. Surrender to the desire to indulge your body and delight your senses for an hour or two.

At C.H • Foot Massage, we believe that while pure indulgence is worth its weight in gold, real benefits are priceless.

Is a science of using specific touch technique of applying pressure, using your thumb and fingers, to reflex points of the feet. Each foot has over 7,200 nerve endings (reflexes), 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. A typical massage includes applying pressure to specific reflex points that have relations to each and every organ and all parts of the body. This type of therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation, which reduces your body tension.

THE THEORY is that feet mirror your body. By placing an outline of the body over an image of feet, you can see the toes correspond to the head area. Where the toes join the foot is the shoulder line. Below that, are your lungs.

As you go down the feet, the other body parts and organs correspond to the specific defined areas in the feet.

Reflexology is a practice of healing in which application of pressure on feet and hands (also ears, according to some practitioners) is used for therapeutic effects. Most practitioners consider reflexology to be a complimentary therapy, to be used alongside conventional medicine. Some practitioners also regard it as an alternative therapy and believe that it can replace conventional medicine for curing many diseases

The primary idea behind reflexology is that our feet, hands and ears have a map of the entire body. Each and every organ of the body has a corresponding point on these extremities and by applying pressure on these points it is possible to stimulate the corresponding organs into a healing mode.

Reflexology, therefore, uses the inherent self-healing capacities of the human body to induce it towards a state of balance of bodily functions. It is a holistic system that treats the entire body as a whole and in the process helps in many diseased conditions.

Our Pricing

13899 Metrotech Dr Chantilly, VA 20151 • 703.263.0800

Foot Massage • Reflexology

60 min. $55
90 min. $85

Combo Relaxation (Table massage)

60 min. $65
90 min. $95
120 min. $130

Back • Shoulder • Neck • Arm Head • Hand • Chair Massage

30 min. $35
45 min. $50
60 min. $60

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